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Vulcan Walking Tour


The Vulcan Walking Tour crosses the island of Lanzarote from south to north and includes the small island of La Graciosa, passing through areas that will no doubt leave you with many lasting memories.

This tour is a bona fide hiking challenge. Even though the height differences are not huge, the type of terrain can make all the difference.

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The route begins at Playa Blanca in the south of the island and ends at Orzola in the far north of Lanzarote after 4 or 5 days of walking (depending on your preference). The final stage then takes you to the idyllic island of La Graciosa.

Each stage is different and a treat for the senses:

First, we will ascend the arid and forgotten slopes of the mysterious Ajaches Mountains.

We will cross the vineyards of the unique landscape in La Geria.

The dormant volcanoes of Timanfaya will lead us to believe that the world has come to an end.

We will walk along the solitary northern coastline beside the roaring Atlantic Ocean to finally cross the chasms and cliffs of the Macizo de Famara, rising 600 metres above sea level at some points.

The end reward will be to cross over to the impressive island of La Graciosa after arriving in the small fishing town of Orzola, the northernmost town in Lanzarote.

This comes after not only passing through some spectacular landscapes but also several beautiful and authentic picture postcard towns, where we will sleep and get to know island life first hand, far removed from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism.


An example 5 day walking itinerary:
  1. Playa Blanca – Uga – We will set off from Playa Blanca and the idyllic beaches of Papagayo to ascend the solitary crests of the Ajaches Mountains. This will give us an amazing bird’s eye view over some of the driest and most inhospitable terrain in Lanzarote, with the Atlantic Ocean observing us from both sides. The small town of Femés will provide a brief respite while we prepare ourselves to ascend the Atalaya de Femés, one of the highest points in Lanzarote. From here, we will enjoy a spectacular descent with views of Timanfaya National Park that will lead us to the end of our first stage in the town of Uga, a place reminiscent of villages in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.If you are feeling confident, this first stage can be extended with an extra section that crosses the Playas de Papagayo to explore the mysterious ravines of the Ajaches Mountains. Including this extra section, the stage can be extended to 21.5 kilometres and a total ascent of 1,200 metres. (approx 17.5km / 900m climbing)
  2. Uga – Tinajo – Leaving the town of Uga, we will venture into the globally unique landscape of La Geria. This is where local farmers have transformed the countryside from a volcanic desert into a gigantic lunar landscape dotted with vineyards. The fantastic Malvasia wine is produced from these vineyards. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this wonderful wine at one of the wineries you will find along the way before starting your journey through Timanfaya National Park.This is unquestionably a very special stage. Whereas La Geria no doubt took your breath away, what awaits you in Timanfaya is almost impossible to describe with mere words.The ragged volcanic peaks of Timanfaya now loom above us as we leave La Geria behind. The most recent eruption here was less than 200 years ago. Vegetation has yet to reconquer the land and erosion has had very little effect on the landscape. This is undoubtedly from another world with dried lava flows of all shapes and colours. The last section of the stage will return us to civilisation as the lava gives way to farmland and agriculture once more near the town of Tinajo, our destination for today. (approx 21km / 350 m climbing)
  3. Tinajo – Caleta de Famara – This is a long and sometimes very solitary stage that will bring us back to the Atlantic Ocean. The fields of Tinajo will lead us on a gentle descent to the wild northern coastline and the town of La Santa. This is where the rough ocean of the north meets the recent lava flows of Timanfaya, a battle of wills in nature that will eventually be won by the ocean. A short ascent will take us to the top of the Montaña Bermeja volcano, a geological rainbow whose west side has already been devoured by the inexhaustible power of the waves.The town of La Santa and the La Santa Sport tourism complex will allow us to recharge our batteries ahead of the final section for the day. Leaving Caleta de Caballo, a town that is totally isolated from the rest of the world, a series of tracks and paths over blindingly white sand will lead us along the edge of the ocean to the surfer’s paradise of Caleta de Famara. The Risco de Famara guides us in the distance like a lighthouse, standing as our next and last obstacle before reaching Orzola, the final destination on our adventure before La Graciosa. (21.5km / 150m climbing)
  4. Caleta de Famara – Orzola – The toughest stage of the Vulcan Walk Lanzarote – the stage can be divided in two if you prefer, with an extra night in Haria (Caleta de Famara – Haria, 11km / 700m and Haria – Orzola, 15km / 800m). It cannot be said that this is the most beautiful stage, although it is indeed stunning, but it is the longest and toughest stage because of the various ascents. From Caleta de Famara, we set off to climb the Risco de Famara – a series of cliffs over 20 kilometres long that rise to over 600 metres above sea level at some points. Following a tough and constant climb, we will reach the highest part of Lanzarote. From here, we continue along the terrifying chasms, constantly rising and falling through surprisingly green valleys despite the dry climate of Lanzarote.This is a day of choices. The stage can be divided as explained to spend a night in the lovely town of Haría, capital of the Valle de las Mil Palmeras. Alternatively, the route can continue from Haría to the more distant town of Orzola. However, there is another option to include a much more wild and demanding section that skirts the town of Haría and runs along almost the entire length of Risco de Famara. In any case, the reward is to reach the fishing town of Orzola, the penultimate destination on the Vulcan Walk in Lanzarote. La Graciosa is waiting for us! (approx 26km / 1,500m)
  5. La Graciosa – All that awaits us now is our final reward. We will take a boat across to the idyllic and virgin island of La Graciosa. Here we will enjoy an easy walk to the peak of Montaña Amarilla, passing by the spectacular beaches of Franceses and La Cocina. (11km / 200m climbing)

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